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Barking Beauty Pageant

Competitions & Awards

Our Next Pageant will be the 

2024 Austin Barking Beauty Pageant

Sunday, August 4th, 4pm

BeVelle Barber School

2015 East Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 78741

to benefit

Austin Pets Alive!

Enter by 7/1/24 for best chance to win People's Pup Award (more info. below)

Enter by 7/7/24 for your photo to appear in the Program Book

Sponsors/Partners by 6/1/24 for logos to appear on Posters & Postcards.

By 7/7/24 for ad to appear in Program Book.

All winners below will be featured in a special BARKING BEAUTY CALENDAR - with our BARKING BEAUTY CROWN WINNER ON THE COVER!

Our new Barking Beauty will make live appearances at events all year!

Our 2018 Hamptons Barking Beauty appeared on News12's Paws and Pals segment & on Lauren's Crazy Pet Show along with our 2019 Winner, Lil' Baby BunBun!



(Awards in Partnership with TBD)

Our BARKING BEAUTY winner will be the contestant with the highest number of overall points when combining our judges scores from the categories below.  Winner will receive a beautiful Crown, Banner, Gold Vermeil Medal, & other amazing prizes from our Sponsors - as well as the calendar COVER mentioned above!

PHOTOGENIC (brought to you by TBD) – Counts ¼ toward the title of Barking Beauty. Contestant Photos will be posted online and in our program book.  Photo must be of Contestant only – no other animal or person visible in any way in the photo with the Contestant.  Winner will receive a beautiful Sash & other prizes from our Sponsors. See below for a beautiful example of a winning Photogenic entry:

Tasha Bella in her winning Photogenic Sash

Tasha Bella in her Photogenic Sash after the 2011 NYC Barking Beauty Pageant

Violet won Photogenic in 2019- note - nothing in the photo except little Violet herself.  Naked or Dressed pups are allowed - photo by Dee McMeekan of

Violet is so sweet

ACTIVEWEAR – (brought to you by TBD) Counts ¼ toward the title of Barking Beauty.  Activewear outfit should be something your pooch might wear on a walk around town, to a play date, or just hanging out.  Winner with the highest Outfit score will receive a beautiful Sash & other prizes from our Sponsors. See below for Activewear ideas:

Duchess in her Activewear

Duchess in her 2019 Activewear winning Wonder Woman costume

Emmi in her Fancy Harness

Emmi in her Best Collar or Harness winning look  -  photo by

Woody & Sister in Talent

2019 Crowd Pleaser winner, Woody & his sister Lily.  photo by Dee McMeekan for

GLAMOURWEAR -  (brought to you by TBD) Counts ¼ toward the title of Barking Beauty.  Glamorwear outfit should be something your pup might wear to a formal gathering, a wedding or festive holiday party.  Winner with the highest Outfit score will receive a beautiful Sash & other prizes from our Sponsors.  See below for Glamorwear ideas:

king tut & sassy in Glamourwear

King Tut in his Glamourwear winning tux, and Sassy, our Creative Costume winner, in her beautiful Evening Gown!

puccini in his fancy bow tie for Glamourwear

Puccini, our 2018 Hamptons Barking Beauty, Photogenic & People Pup winner, in a festive bejeweled bowtie

SalliSue in her fancy Ribbon for Glamourwear

Our inaugural 2005 NYC Barking Beauty, SalliSue , in a sparkling sequine & glitter embellished harness.

TALENT - (brought to you by Billy Bands DJ ServiceCounts ¼ toward the  Barking Beauty title.  Your baby’s Talent presentation can be as simple as jumping into her bag or sitting on command, or it can be as elaborate as playing the piano or cards, or doing a special dance!  Whatever you can imagine & fit into the 90 second time limit  (strictly enforced). Winner will receive a beautiful Sash & other prizes from our Sponsors. See below for several Talent ideas:

Trixie performs her talent - dancing!

She She performs her talent - making people smile!

Bandit performs his talent - knowledge of all things!

Jillidog plays Basketball!

1ST - 4TH RUNNERS-UP –  (Awards in Partnership with TBD) these are our top finishers – the ones with the top highest scores combining all categories above.  3rd & 4th Runners-Up will receive a Trophy (& are dependent upon the number of entrees for availability), 2nd Runner-Up will receive a 24K Rose Gold Vermeil Medal and Trophy, 1st Runner-Up will receive a Fine Silver Medal and Trophy.



(Awards in Partnership with TBD)


PEOPLE’S PUP – (brought to you by TBD) Recruit your family & friends to vote online for their favorite pup! $1 per vote ($5 minimum) - vote for as many pups as much and as many times as you want. The one with the most votes wins! Winner will be announced at the pageant and will receive a Special Sash & other prizes from our Sponsors. Voting begins July 1st.  Enter by July 1st for best chance at this award!


BUSY BABY – (brought to you by TBD) Your pooch can be named our Busy Baby for advertising sales! If you sell the most in advertising sales, your pooch will be named our Busy Baby! Click here for printable information you can use to help explain our advertising levels to potential Sponsors.  You can direct potential advertisers/sponsors to our website and have them list you/your pup as a reference, or collect the fees yourself and add part or all of our entry fee amount to the Sponsorship Levels to help pay for your pup's entry fee (please see the form attached above). We'll then add those names under his/her contestant photo as their Sponsor. Winner will receive a Special Sash & other prizes from our Sponsors.


POPULAR POOCH – (brought to you by TBD) Help us get the word out about the Barking Beauty Pageant by selling the most tickets to the pageant and you’ll be named Popular Pooch! Just give your friends your name to use as a reference when purchasing tickets here, or you can purchase multiple tickets and let them buy their tickets from you. Winner will receive a Special Sash & other prizes from our Sponsors. Tickets Sales Contest is ongoing.


CONGENIAL CANINE - Our version of the Miss Congeniality Award, voted on by the other contestants as the pup who was the nicest & most fun to be around.  Winner will receive a Sash & other prizes from our Sponsors.

Platinum Sponsor
Kennedy Art Productions


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