who competed in the  2020 Hamptons Barking Beauty Pageant

1. Roxy, Mom, Jayel Stuart, won the Glamourwear Competition


5. Hollywood, Mom, Morgan Williams, was named Popular Pooch

2. Joy, Mom, Joan Reid, was named People's Pup

6. ZZ, Mom, Ilene Zeins, WON!! our new 2020 Hamptons Barking Beauty, and Talent Winner

9. Sophie, Mom, Donna Marino

10. Jada, Mom, Jaime McFarland, 

was named Cutest Pup


3. Jackson, Mom, Victoria Margolies

4. Kiss, Mom, Ayelet Raymond, 

won Congenial Canine, the Activewear Competition and

was 2nd Runner-Up


7. Little Miss Bonita, Mom, Katalina Moskovitz, was named Prettiest Girl

8. Kahlua Joy, Mom, Fern Weinbaum, Sponsored by C'mimi, photo by Revi Simmons, was 1st Runner-Up & Busy Baby winner

11. Nika, Mom, Michele Tarolli, 

was the Crowd Pleaser

13. Gracie, Mom, Leena Friedman, won Spunky Spirit


12. Madison, Foster Mom, Kelly Keenan, won the Photogenic Competition -- and may have found a Forever home! Yay!!