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Barking Beauty Pageant

 2024 Austin Barking Beauty Pageant

Sunday, August 4th 4pm

BeVelle Barber School

2015 East Riverside Drive,

Austin, TX 78741

Featuring Complimentary Beverage,

Hors d'oeuvres, Door Prizes, Auctions


Contestant Pups could Win a Crown, Banner, Gifts from our Sponsors & a Calendar Cover!

to benefit
Austin Pets Alive!

Frequently Asked Questions

WHEN WILL THE EVENT TAKE PLACE? Our next scheduled event is the Austin, TX, pageant which will be held Sunday, August 4th, 2024, at 4pm..

WHERE WILL THE EVENT TAKE PLACE?   BeVelle Barber School, 2015 East Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 78741


HOW DO I GET TICKETS? Our ticket page will go Live soon.


MAY I BRING MY DOG IF HE'S NOT COMPETING? Yes!! Well behaved leashed animals of all kinds are welcome and encouraged to attend  - free of charge! Please no pet strollers - there will just be no room in the auditorium.

MY DOG DOESN’T LIKE TO WEAR CLOTHES, CAN HE/SHE STILL PARTICIPATE? Yes! You and your pooch will have a great time participating & you’re chance of winning a prize is as good as anyone!  Our judges are instructed to judge each pup on personality for the crown, and those with extravagant outfits for the award category.  Please click here for creative ideas for your naked pup, and here for precautions to keep in mind when trying clothes on your pet for the first time. 

MY DOG DOESN'T DO ANYTHING - DOESN'T HAVE TALENT, CAN WE STILL ENTER? Absolutely! Click here to get some ideas of things just about any pup can do.  

MY DOG IS A MIXED BREED, CAN HE/SHE ENTER?  Yes!! Any dog - male or female, mixed or pure breed, large or small - may enter the pageant.  All we ask is that your pup be well behaved and be able to get along well with other dogs & people of all ages.

WHAT ARE THE PRIZES? Click here  to see some of the prizes for each winner. Sponsor prizes include things like cusotm portraits of your pup, gift certificates to Vet Clinics & Pet Retail shops, pet clothing & jewelry, & more!

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST TO PARTICIPATE?  To become a Contestant - click here. Our entry fee is $50 - $110 depending on the pageant location (you can earn part or all of this amount & other great prizes thru Sponsorship - click here for more information), 

General Admission tickets for spectators are $35 - $65 each depending on the pageant location. (click here to purchase tickets),

Sponsorship (Advertising, Booth Rental & Gift) levels vary.  Click here to learn more about becoming a Sponsor or a Partner and a detailed explanation of each level.

HOW MUCH OF THE MONEY RAISED GOES TO THE CHARITY?  Our goal always is to give as much to our charities as possible. Everything (except the credit card fees charged by PayPal, Stripe & Square) raised thru voting for People's Pup, and generated thru Silent Auctions, Chinese Crested Auctions, 50/50 Raffles, etc. at the event go directly to the charities. The Ticket sales, Sponsor fees and Contestant Entry fees are used 1st to offset the expenses incurred by running the event itself - such as pageant gifts and awards, the space where we have the event, advertising, the hors d'oeuvres and beverages served at the event, sound equipment and personnel, staging and stage crew, program books, etc. - all need to be paid for before we can hold the event. Since we typically do get some of those things donated and frequently have money left over, that left over money goes to the charities as well.

MORE QUESTIONS? Contact us here.

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