Our Winners

Hamptons Barking Beauties
puccini crown banner medal.jpeg

Puccini - Hamptons 2018

Photo by Dee McMeekan, DeeIsForDogs.com

bun bun 2.jpeg

Lil' Baby Bun Bun -

Hamptons 2019 

Photo by Dee McMeekan, DeeIsForDogs.com

ZZ photo 2.jpeg

ZZ -  Hamptons 2020 

Photo by Dee McMeekan, DeeIsForDogs.com

Greenwich Barking Beauty


Bob - Greenwich 2021

Photo by Dee McMeekan for 


Eli - NYC 2006

Photo courtesy of Christopher Appoldt Photography

NYC Barking Beauties 

Chloe - NYC 2007

Photo by Christopher Appoldt Photography

Willow de Milo - NYC 2008

Photo by Petographs.com

Annabelle - NYC 2009

Photo by Steven Rosen Photography

Bandit Rubio - NYC 2010

Photo by Andrew Brusso Photography

Penny Lane - NYC 2011

Philly Barking Beauties

Geisha - Philly 2008

Photo courtesy of SitPretty.com

Guido Anthony - Philly 2009

Photo by SitPretty.com

NJ Barking Beauties

Tommy T - NJ 2010

Max-a-Million - NJ 2011

Photo by 


Sarge - Philly 2010

Photo by SitPretty.com

Denver Barking Beauty


Daphne - Denver 2020

Candid photo Forever Friends Photography (Official Portrait coming soon) 

Cubby - Philly 2011

Photo by SitPretty.com

Festive Feline

tinkerbell royal.JPG

Tinkerbell - KY