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Barking Beauty Pageant
American Pet Professionals

Our Pageant

Our TV demo (produced in 2007 by Marc Landers)!  A nice overview of our event!

We love animals - all kinds of animals - but especially DOGS.  Our greatest joy is to be able to provide a fun bonding experience not only for humans and their canine companions, but also for the entire family!

Founded in 2006, The Barking Beauty Pageant is a not-for-profit event that has earned thousands for our affiliated charities. We've supported community projects and animal rescue groups in New York City, Philadelphia and New Jersey. In 2020 we hosted 2 live events & 1 online photo contest for cats, and even with COVID19 restrictions we raised over $7500 for our affiliated charities. Plans are underway for pageants across the country, so stay tuned for more information!

Our Next Pageant will be the 2024 Austin Barking Beauty Pageant

Sunday, August 4th, 4pm

BeVelle Barber School

2015 East Riverside Drive, Austin, TX 78741

to benefit 

The Barking Beauty Pageant is the original beauty pageant event for dogs.  Patterned after human beauty pageants, our pretty pups win a Crown, Medals, Banners and beautiful gifts & notority from our Sponsors, all while supporting worthwhile causes!

Each year we present 11-14 Overall Titles for our participating pooches including awards for Best Photo, People’s Choice, Activewear outfit, Glamorwear outfit, Talent, Sponsorship Sales, Most Ticket Sales, Congenial Canine, 1st - 4th Runners-Up, as well as our new Barking Beauty.  Raffle Tickets are also sold for the chance for audience members to win prizes, gift certificates and services from local and national businesses!

  • If you’d like to learn more about our Competitions, click here, 

  • If you would like to enter your pup as a Contestant, click here.

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  • Sponsorship, Advertising and raffle award participation, click here 

  • If you’d like to Volunteer to help us in our efforts to support our Charities, click here  

  • If you would like information on hosting your own Affiliated Barking Beauty Pageant, click here 

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The Barking Beauty Pageant seeks to provide a fun, bonding and learning experience for the contestant dogs and their parents, while providing a unique entertainment experience for the spectating audience, and an opportunity for all to contribute to a deserving local pet charity that provides protection, education, rescue, medical and/or other services for underprivileged, abandoned and injured pets, as well as contribute to an active area civic organization/charity that benefits deserving young people by providing funds for education, creative recreation, medical care, food , clothing and/or other services as needed.

Austin Pets Alive!
BeVelle Barber School
Kennedy Art Productions


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The Producer/Directors also regularly contribute to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, &  Shriner's Hospital for Children.

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